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BCH Open-Source Pulse

Vol #10

Period ending at 20/02/2020

This is the Tenth edition of the BCH Pulse developer newsletter. Existing projects have been updated.
Submissions are due in by the 20th of each month. Information can be sent to the new email Thanks!

Here is some of the work that is being built on BCH by the Developers. This does not take into account work done by developers who chose to remain anonymous.

Chris Pacia - BCHD

Recently completed:
*A PR for implementing MuSig into bchec.

Josh Ellithorpe - BCHD

Recently completed:
*Debugging of connection issues for Neutrino wallet
*New version deployed with updated bchwallet bundled in
*Setting up security audit for CashFusion with Kudelski securit

Tyler Smith - BCHD

Recently completed:
*Extracted zero knowledge proof system from the Coda cryptocurrency and used it create a succinct state machine integrity proof system that can be used as a base for compact header-chain and SLP proofs
Currently working on:
*Implementing header-chain proofs
*Spec’ing out Avalanche system
Future work:
*Continuing work on header-chain proofs and Avalanche
Wants help with:
*OCaml development
*Avalanche testnet development (Go)

Jonathan Silverblood - Cashual Wallet

Currently working on:
*A fundraising tool using assurance contracts
*A decentralized finance smart contract to trade volatility risk
Future work:
*Community oriented appreciation/fundraising tools
*Expanding CashID
*Rebuilding CashualWallet with a new backend.

Jason Cox - Bitcoin ABC

Recently completed:
*More release automation.
*Prepping for various infrastructure improvements.
*Better build reporting for during- and post-review.
Currently working on:
*Finish release automation.
*Faster infrastructure deployments.
Future work:
*Continue effort on de-globalizing internal node state.
Wants help with:
*Unit test backports:

Amaury Sechet - Bitcoin ABC

Recently completed:
*A new opcode by Tobias to reverse the bytes of an operand (useful for smart contract related SLP notably).
*An increase in the chained transaction limit from 25 to 50.
*A complete overall of the way sigops limit work by Mark Lunderberg
*A way for miners to get a funding plan activated if they wish to do so.
Currently working on:
*Finalizing changes for May 2020 upgrade

Mark Lundeberg - Bitcoin ABC

Recently completed:
*Implementation of SigChecks.
Currently working on:
*CashFusion & Electron Cash improvements
Future work:
*Implementing invisible payment channels

Peter Tschipper - Bitcoin Unlimited

Currently working on:
*Multi-threaded block validation
Future work:
*Giga-net testing

Andrea Suisani - Bitcoin Unlimited

Recently completed:
*The porting of is now complete,
the code is hosted here
*The deployment in production of an instance of the above is almost ready
*Preliminary work to have BU ready from may net upgrade
Working on:
*Implement/port op_reverse from abc to BU
*Helping Bitcoin Cash Node implementation
Future work:
*Testing new BU version for the next May net upgrade
*Gigablock testnet experiment #2 iteration

George Bissias - Bitcoin Unlimited

Recently completed:
*Graphene v2.2
*Updated Graphene spec
Currently working on:
*Bobtail prototype (BUIP 131)
Future work:
*Bobtail prototype

Chris Troutner -

Current Work:
*bch-api is my personal fork of It’s the REST API I’m focusing on, but the pay-to-play scheme could be abstracted for any REST API, and it is my hope that other developers will copy this business model to create pay-to-play REST APIs for all sorts of services in the BCH space.
*Code repository:
*jwt-bch-frontend is a Gatsby front end web app for interacting with the jwt-bch-api back end. A live demo can be found at This lets people create an account, login, get a free-tier JWT access token, or pay for pro-tier access token for unlocking increased rate limits to bch-api. Code repository:
*jwt-bch-lib is an npm library to allow apps to interact with jwt-bch-api back end. The goal is to allow apps to automate their handling of JWT tokens, rate-limits, and access to bch-api. All the ‘account owner’ needs to do is make sure their account is topped up with BCH. This library will allow an app to automatically renew its JWT token or increase rate limits on-the-fly. It’s purpose is to make payment for access efficient and automated. Code repository:
Want help with:
For those who are interested in playing with the ongoing prototype, join our BITBOX Devs telegram channel:

Paul Oldridge - PayButton

Recently completed:
Setup framework for project overhaul.
Currently working on:
Implementing project overhaul.
Future work:
Expanding PayButton to cover features outlined on GitHub

James Cramer - Electron Cash SLP

Recently Completed:
*SLPDB v1 beta
Currently Working on:
*SLPDB v1 release
*ECSLP release with improvements
Future Work:
*Develop more testing scripts for SLPDB
*Continued maintenance and improvements for EC SLP and SLPDB
Wants Help With:
*Developing testing scripts for SLPDB
*Developing some unit tests scripts for Electron Cash SLP

Calin Culianu - Electron Cash

Recently completed:
*Switching Electron Cash mainline wallet to use BIP39 natively and doing away with Electrum Seeds (except for backward compatibility).
Currently working on:
*Integrating SLP validator into Electron Cash mainline
Future work:
*Adding all of EC-SLP’s features into Electron Cash mainline
Wants help with:
*Beta testers for EC mainline SLP integration.

Jonald Fyookball - Electron Cash

Currently working on:
*CashFusion (Mathematical analysis + getting ready for audit)

Imaginary_Username - Electron Cash

Currently working on:
*Saving BCH`

Karol Trzeszczkowski - Plugins

Recently Completed:
*Mecenas Plugin: Better time estimation and donating with CashAccount
Currently working on:
*Full automation of Mecenas, Paper wallet manager
Future work:
*Fully automated Mecenas
Wants help with:
*Hardware wallet support in Last Will plugin

Tobias Ruck - SLPDEX

Recently completed:
*OP_REVERSEBYTES implementation
Currently working on:
*bitcoin-cash Rust crate
Future work:
*More Be.Cash features
*Mitra testnet
Wants help with:
*Bitcoin-cash crate:

Rosco Kalis - CashScript

Recently completed:
*CashScript v0.3.2 & v0.3.3, which adds browser support, OP_RETURN covenants, and CLI improvements.
Currently working on:
*CashScript compiler optimisations
Future work:
*Better SLP integration with CashScript
Wants help with:
*Trying out CashScript and reporting any bugs or suggestions. Also any open issues on the CashScript
repository - Specifically any issues labeled “help wanted” or“good first issue”.

Joshua Green - Bitcoin Verde

edited February 27th 2020

Recently completed:
*Milestone 1 and 2 of issue #10:
Currently working on:
*Milestone 1 of issue #7
*BCH node contributions
*Community outreach on IFP
Future work:
*20200515 Script SigChecks Counting And Limiting
*Block Template Validation service

We invite any developer (working on BCH) who isn’t featured in this issue to self report /
submit what you are working on for the next issue of BCH Open-Source Pulse.

We’re looking for:

  • Recently completed
  • Current work
  • Future work (stuff you’d like to get to after you’re done with your current work)
  • Anything you’d like some help with

Please email us at

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