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Good Morning,

Good Evening and Good Afternoon ...

by David R. Allen


Coffee always tastes good in the morning.

This first post is a Diary of sorts, a prelude to Editorial comments that will follow.

We are now a little more than 2 months away from the next upgrade to the Bitcoin Cash network.

Within the larger group of people who are interested in Bitcoin Cash, there are many who I feel aligned with and even some I will consider good friends, and a very few that are even closer friends.

Over the past seven and half years, people have come and gone as I have travelled on my Bitcoin journey. Often I felt alone, especially in 2013 while I assumed my student persona to absorb as much as I could about this marvellous technology which has consumed my life 24/7/365.

My routine is the same each day: Wake up thinking about the latest issues and personalities driving the agendas, wondering how far I will need to go to stay sane in a somewhat insane environment. 

Sometime between 4 and 5 AM (a little later in the 4 months of summertime here) I turn on the coffee pot, and settle down in my rocker to catch up on the overnight BCH activity on Telegram and Twitter. The dog, will want to be fed, my wife will get up a little later and barring any unforeseen "real world" emergencies I will settle down with two pieces of dark toast, crunchy roasted peanut butter and strawberry jam. (Honey once in a while for a change).

Sometime between 7 and 9 I will move into the "Home Office" turn on the Desktop computer and organize my plans for the day. In this virtual world there will be many many distractions, some self induced (eating and drinking are my favourite) and around 3 PM I will start to think about having a nap.
That of course does not mean I will have a nap, but I will think about it.

I often for myself to stop working, knowing I need to turn my BCH world off. But turning it off is harder than it might seem. I may get out for a bike ride (20K is my usual route these days) and playing guitar, enjoying a game of catch with the dog, or enjoying a pleasant conversation with my wife usually keeps me busy up till dinner time.

After dinner we both settle into a TV show or catching up with family scattered around the country.

Often it is early to bed (no later than 9 PM on a weekday, later in the summer) and the next day it starts all over again.

And because of this routine of mine this has not changed a great deal in 7 and a half years, I don't expect it to change much tomorrow, or in the next 2 months.

What is going to change is the content of my work day. I have stopped being quiet and accepting of people who lie and cheat. I now block them on Twitter and Telegram. I also generally don't respond when I see really stupid comments in any of the Telegram groups I frequent for fun and education, but every once in a while now I will make a point based on my experiences with Bozos.

The Bozos don't like that. They want to be mad, and lately some have even taken to calling me a bully.

Tomorrow I will share some of my experiences with real bullies, who are generally not people who stand up for themselves unless they can do it in a group where they know they will be supported.

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