The Future of Bitcoin Cash, November 15th and Beyond


    The Mission - Where we want to go.

    The Roadmap - How we get there.

  • Bitcoin Cash Network Upgrade Countdown

    Go to BitcoinCash.org for more information about the November 15th BCH planned network upgrade

    BCH Pulse Newsletter

    A periodic Bitcoin Cash development newsletter, the goal of this newsletter is to provide developers with better visibility into what is being worked on. This is to enable the consolidation of efforts and better prioritization on what is most sorely needed.

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    BCH Development Meetings

    Regular protocol video meetings, in which protocol developers discuss the software infrastructure for Bitcoin Cash, current and future work, network upgrades and more.

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    Bitcoin Cash: Opportunities Beyond the Halving

    A 6 hour community livestream event that took place on April 8th during which the Bitcoin Cash block reward halving took place.



    Bangkok Summit


    On August 30 and 31, 2018., a two day summit for Bitcoin Cash miners and developers summit took place in Bangkok, Thailand. The created contention and the release of a competing upgrade client was the reason to invite miners and developers to discuss the situation and the Future of Bitcoin Cash

    Click below to listen to the english or Chinese audio recordings of the discussions that took place.

    More Videos ...

    This page is for listing more material that we believe should not get lost or that is still today very relevant. Amongst this: an informative Q&A video meeting focussing on the November 2018 upgrade features and some video material from earlier events that were organized that are today still very relevant

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    About Us

    We have been active in the Bitcoin Community for many years. Our more public activities in the past are the Onchainscaling.com events organized in 2016 and in 2017 The Future of Bitcoin Conference in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where many scaling solutions and implementations were show cased and where Bitcoin ABC was first presented to the public. This event took place one month before the August 1 Split between BTC and BCH.

    We are strong believers in the economic freedom and financial sovereignty Bitcoin can bring to the world. We are convinced that for this it has to function as money, as peer to peer digital cash. Therefor we believe Bitcoin Cash has today the best chance of fulfilling the promises and reaching the goals that people agreed upon in the early years Bitcoins existence.

    Its history going back to the original Genesis block mined on January 3rd 2009, the Bitcoin Cash project and blockchain has set path to a future of achieving the goals of Bitcoin becoming a currency for the global population. Taking away borders and friction and allowing for global peer-to-peer trade and transfer of value.


    If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop us a line using the contact form. If you believe we can be of service to your organisation or business we would love to hear from you also. We will try to reply if our busy work schedule allows us.